Yes, It’s Really December!

It’s been a sew filled eleven months. Typically I don’t get a lot done in December, but I’m going to try to get a few things down the road.


Before being donated, I usually hang all the Hospice quilts I have outside for a pic, but days of rain, rain, rain, prohibited me from doing that. Instead, I laid them out in groups on the floor. I love seeing all the color and imagining the comfort and joy they will bring!



And then, about a week ago the Hospice quilts were taken to Fairview Church to be dedicated. They just looked so beautiful. The pastor had a wonderful sermon tied into the dedication (not many dry eyes in the church when he was done) and then the congregation prayed over the quilts. Next week they will all be delivered to the local Hospice office and soon be given to various patients.


My thanks to the so many who contributed to this effort:  Quilters at my retreats who put blocks together, blog readers who send blocks, flimsy quilt tops and completed quilts, and local quilters who donate flimsy quilt tops and completed quilts.

This wonderful process will begin again in 2019! And now for my November progress listing:

Nov progress

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  1. Thank you, Joyce, for all you do for the Hospice quilting ministry at Fair View UMC. Your chart of quilts in progress is a great way to track each one. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to create one and post it in a prominent place in my quilting room.

  2. The bright batik is the top I sent to Jo at Jo’s Country Junction hoping it would brighten someone’s life. I had no idea where it would end up. Accidentally I ran across your blog and recognized “my” top. Thank you so much for finishing it. I will pray for the person that receives the quilt.

  3. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    As a former hospice nurse and manager, I know the comfort this gift of love will bring. Thank you and your fellow ministers, Joyce!

  4. Thank you for posting about the dedication of these Hospice quilts. They look so beautiful on display in the church, and they will be a great comfort to those who receive them. You are an inspiration.

  5. Lovely and such heartfelt gifts to hospice Joyce I appreciate you!

    iPhone message from June


  6. I am so touched by this posting, the number of quilts, the dedication and the prayers. I am inspired to do something like this in my area. Thanks Joyce and all those involved in this effort.

  7. That is so wonderful, I just loved seeing all the quilts hung at your church. Truly is heart warming.


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