Red “X” Blocks

I recently came upon the blog, “The 70273 Project” or as I think of it as the “Red X Project.” The project is fully explained on the blog, but very simply put, it is to commemorate the 70,273 people executed by the Nazis between 1940 and 1941 for being physically “unfit.” Upon examination by doctors, if a patient received two red X’s on their chart, they were executed within 72 hours. Jeanne is collecting blocks, quilts and donations to put together quilts containing a total of 70,273 blocks and putting the finished quilts on display all over the world to educate and to commemorate the victims.


When I happened upon and read her post, I was so moved. The night before I headed to my retreat I had some time and decided that since my current projects were already packed, it would be a perfect time to make four blocks – two of each size. They are easy and my heart was definitely in it. The full story and instructions are on the 70273 project blog.


I did get these sent off – it’s not a huge contribution, but one that will lessen the number of blocks by four. Thank you Jeanne for this opportunity.

Red X's

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