Fun + Fun = Retreat Part II

This year the retreat had a special event – Sew Original in Boone invited us for an after hours shopping night, special discount, Accu Quilt demo and dinner!! The dinner was amazingly yummy. What a treat! The demo was so well presented and very informative. Many of those attending already own an Accu Quilt and one or two added one to their studios after seeing the demo. There were even fun give-aways!

Of course, we shopped. And shopped. I was amazed at the haul a few showed off when back at the retreat.

IMG_0839 (Large)IMG_0838 (Large)IMG_0841 (Large)

Thank you Melinda Rose for your invite and gracious hospitality!


There are just so many talented women who attend the Quilt & Sew-Ins and Show and Tell is one of my favorite activities there. Some bring a project they began at the last retreat, one worked on at home, or something they worked on at the current retreat. Talent, talent, talent!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am awaiting more show & tell pics and will share those soon.

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