A Finish & Prepping


Woo Hoo! Another Hospice finish. My goal has been to complete all the Hospice quilts by the end of September. I still have four more to go so I’m not sure I’ll make it, but am sure going to try! These blocks were also pieced at a Quilt & Sew-In Retreat. Such a wonderful activity. The quilters voluntarily piece blocks then put their names in for a drawing of prizes. Win-Win!

And the prepping? Well, not quilts unfortunately. Today I have been prepping for Florence’s arrival! We are pretty far off the coast (about 200 miles) but Hugo in 1989 taught us only too well that we are definitely reachable. We were fortunate that year – One huge tree downed but towards the road, not the house. Several small trees and limbs with only damage to a deck rail and wooden swing set. Days of cleanup and nine days without power. My only big complaint was that by the 9th day I was pretty sick of playing Monopoly and Scrabble with the kids! But yes, we did make memories.We live among very big trees so we are quite vulnerable.

My hope and prayer are that all in the path of Florence stay safe.

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  1. Very nice! Thank you, again, for your commitment to making Hospice quilts. They bring joy and comfort to each person who receives one.



  2. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Nice quilt. Glad you are preparing. From all they say, this is going to be bad. Please stay safe! Prayers for you and all in the path. My brother and brother-in-law are in NC and, though inland, one close to Ashville, and the other close to the SC/NC border. Hugo was bad. I’m afraid this one will be too.

  3. That is pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great job…beautiful simplicity…as soon as my Quilt Show entries are finished I’m hitting my stash and cutting up those beautiful fabrics in hope of lots of winter sewing in Florida (6 weeks at least). Spring will bring another RV tour ending in Oregon (following the Lewis & Clark Trail). And that may be another 2 months on the road. Summer RV trip was fun to Wyoming and many stops in between…National Parks, Monuments, Missouri Star Shops in Hamilton, Missouri, Paducah, KY…hmm not much time at home…aah retirement travel. Hugs Linda C Sent from my iPad


  5. Stay safe. Looks like you will get more of Florence than I will.

  6. Hi just looking at this quilt love it and can I find this pattern thanks regards Joan


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