Toppers & Runners

A friend of mine’s church which was founded in 1765, is having a special breakfast honoring the patriots of the American Revolutionary War. She somehow got volunteered to make 12 table toppers and 3 table runners. Although an amazing seamstress, quilting is not her thing. I was glad to help! We recently got together for about 3 hours. So glad she was all about keeping it simple, simple, simple.  I cut, she sewed.



As you can see, these table toppers are very simple. I did need to do a few after she left because I just didn’t want to leave it to another day. The runners are simple too.


We’ll get together again in a few weeks to add batting and backing. It’s been decided to do them envelope style and not do bindings. Oh…I like that idea very much! These should look very patriotic when set out at the tables. The best part? Working with a friend and catching up!


Don’t forget the Island Batik Great Outdoors Blog Hop!

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  1. Joyce, these will be just right for that celebration!

    I haven’t forgotten about the fabric. (Life was really busy last week.) I’ll give you a call one day this week and pick it up. Thanks again!



  2. They look great. It’s fun when you can make something better than anything you can buy and save $$$ at the sametime.

  3. Kathleen McCormick

    Wonderful idea and good planning – KISS! Pillowcasing is the perfect way to get to the finish line with a lot of one item and a deadline.

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