A Mess of Scraps!

There are so many “scrap saver systems” I have read about.  Mine is pretty simple.  I have six bins – five are sorted by color (red & orange; brown; black & white; yellow and green; blue; Kaffe fabrics.)

My batiks are all in one of the big bins in my tower of bins.


I have never been very good about filing papers, and the same has been true of my fabric scraps! I have been putting my scraps in an open bin and then later I “file” them.  The bin was overflowing so I decided to go ahead and file all the scraps and eliminate the bin – hope this works for me!

I really like the scrap bins I have and how they fit on my shelves. They are quite full though, so I am planning another scrap quilt.  I have done quite a few scrap quilts and enjoy them enough that another will be fun.  This time I’m going to cut a bunch of the longer scraps into one and one-half inch strips. I have a pro cutting machine so the task won’t be too difficult.  What I really, really dislike is pressing all those small pieces of fabrics.  Wish I knew a young person who would like to earn some extra $$ by pressing the scraps for me. There was a young gal we hired some years ago who was an excellent worker but she is now all grown and making the big bucks!


I even lettered a tee shirt that pretty much says it all!




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  1. Oh scrap! I LOVE it!


  2. Brenda~Songbird Designs

    That’s a lot of pretty scraps! Love the T you made!


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