Old Made New

An Island Batik Adventure – Vintage Quilts Inspiring New Creations


I scoured my books, patterns and the internet for hours trying to come up with the project I really wanted to do for this challenge. Then it came to me – an apron! How vintage is that?! I did find a pattern for a half apron that was very vintage looking, (Sewing Geek Harlequin Apron pattern) but with these amazing Island Batiks I knew it would immediately be new and exciting.


I did a little altering to the pattern: one row less from top to bottom and one more row added to the side. I also gathered it at the waist a bit so it wasn’t just straight across. It is fully lined, and I straight line quilted the whole apron.  A pocket was needed, so I sketched several: rounded, rounded gathered, rectangle. Mimicking the pattern of the apron was definitely the answer. Once the pocket was on I was absolutely giddy about this project. Don’t you just love when that happens – not just being okay or pleased with your creations, but super happy?



My new vintage apron now hangs in my kitchen, adding a burst of color and soon to be worn when having friends or family over for dinner.



Looking Back Vintage Quilt

9 responses »

  1. Kathleen McCormick

    Its stunning! Good jump on getting it done for April 1!

  2. My birthday also isn’t it great no one ever forgets it. Have a great day and many more birthdays 🎉

  3. Quilting Tangent

    Happy Birthday and pretty apron.

  4. What a clever idea and nice result!

  5. adorable and those fabrics are just wonderful

  6. Hope you had a lovely birthday, and what a great start to April for you. Enjoy your apron!!

  7. A good looking apron!

  8. Kathleen Landers

    I love it! I still have one of Grandma’s aprons (at least I think it was hers) and it looks its age. So vibrant and it would make me want to bake or cook just to wear it!


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