A Warm Thank You

The Spring Retreat is coming up soon and it’s time to announce a generous sponsor with a favorite product. A big thank you to the Warm Company! I was so excited when the great big box was delivered. Inside were several battings – Warm & Plush, 80-20 Warm, Warm & White and fusible Warm! We couldn’t have quilting without batting and how wonderful to be able to have these quality battings as prizes.


AND…that’s not all! They also sent the waterproof Insul Shine for making personal coolers and lunch bags and Insul Bright, reflects hot or cold energy and is great for potholders.


AND… Steam-A-Seam light fusibile which just happens to be my favorite fusible for applique projects, together with Steam A Seam tape.

imageWarm logo

Thank you Warm for your generosity and to help make the Quilt & Sew-In Retreats a success!!

There are openings in the Fall 2018 Quilt & Sew-In! Check it all out here and register today!



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