Sew Much Thread!

The first of the year when I loaded a bobbin, the thread spool emptied. Hmmm, I wondered, “just how many spools will I empty this year?” As each spool emptied, I saved it. No, they weren’t all full. As a matter of fact, many were close to being emptied. Nevertheless, it is amazing to see just how much thread I use!

Large spools (Large)

Two of the large spools had a fine bobbin thread on them – completely used, start to finish in two years! I especially love the bobbin thread because the bobbins hold twice as much as regular thread.

Spools (Large)

28 Empty Spools!! Yes, I still have lots of threads, but some to need to be replenished. Thankfully Santa read my wish list and made it come true on Christmas morning!

Spools 2 (Large)

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  1. Good idea and it comes at the beginning of a new year so I can start my own count down.

  2. What a great idea to save the spools! I love when I see an empty spool, it symbolizes creativity and work. I may have to save spoils myself this year:)!❤️

  3. inquiringquilter

    Wow, I never thought about how much thread I use in a year, but that’s amazing!

  4. I wish I’d used that much thread last year – wouldn’t have so many UFOs piled up.

  5. Christi Scheffel

    Now what to do with those empty spools. The big ones I use for binding, the little ones no idea.

  6. I don’t save my empty spools – I don’t want to know lol!

  7. I just finished a spool last week. Because each project uses different colours of thread, it is very gratifying to finish a spool. And each empty spool becomes a kitty toy.

  8. Margaret Nelson

    i saved my thread spools last year also! I had a slow sewing year and think i have close to 12 spools.

  9. I love to decorate my left over spools for Christmas 🎄 ornaments

  10. I love seeing empty spools and I save mine for the same reasons…just how much thread did I go through? I photograph them…and OUT they go!

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