My Newest Obsession

Transparent_Merry_Christmas_Deco_Clipart (Large)

Have you heard the expression, “Give me enough rope and I’ll hang myself?” Well…I discovered rope! At Fall retreat I visited The Mountain Thread Company in Blowing Rock. It is a quilt shop that also specializes in ready made rope bowls and coasters. She also sells kits and I bought the coaster kit. It had complete instructions, rope, a few scraps of fabric and a size 16 needle. Also at Fall retreat, Tina graciously demonstrated how she makes fabric covered rope bowls. After watching her demo, I knew I was hooked.

5C351E5E-3ECC-40B3-9C6C-0AD080C014F0 (Large)

When I got home I quickly sewed up the kit into two hot pads instead of coasters. I’ve now made many more. These make great hostess gifts and gifts for guild gift exchanges.

F087E5FE-1420-479A-9CAD-D95EDBD55C84 (Large)

Now it was time to do a bowl or two (or three, or six)! I did a few little fabric wrapped rope bowls and a couple of larger ones. The blue one is my new bread basket. I also did some that, like the hot pads, have the rope exposed and bits of fabric scattered. These are SO fast to make! There will definitely be many more of these popping out of my studio!

With Christmas just a few days away, I’m pleased that all is bought and wrapped. I’ll return next week, but want to wish you all the most joyous season!


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  1. oooh, so cool! Maybe I can stop by and you can show me how to make them? I even have the rope around here, of course I do, just never used it!

  2. What a fun project! The bowls look Sew useful, but I am in love with the pot holders;)❤️❤️

  3. I’ve made a few of those and love them, especially the bowl. I made a small one several years ago and still use it. I don’t know why I got away from it, but now you’ve inspired me to get back into them (after Christimas, of course). Yours look great.

  4. I love those bowls.

  5. Nice bowls and hot pads.

  6. I’ve made some bowls from rope. I like the projects you’ve made.

  7. I love fabric bowls, but, I haven’t tried to make any yet. I usually sew on straight stitch machines. I guess I’ll have to pull out a zig zag machine one day, and try to make one.

  8. Absolutely too beautiful! In the past I’ve made a small one and am still learning how to “roll” the rope so that should give me something to do on a cold day:) Thank you for sharing these!


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