Leftover Blocks = Another Quilt

Pink, Green heARTsCreations.com (Medium)

Some time ago when cleaning out my fabric closet, I came across leftover blocks from a quilt I had previously gifted. There was enough leftover fabric to make a couple of more needed blocks and add a border.

Pinwheel heARTsCreations.com (Medium)

It went together quickly, and I sent it off to the longarm professional. Back into the fabric closet for another year! A couple of weeks ago I told myself – enough of the so-close-to-be- finished projects.  The binding went on quickly and now I have another finish!

Pink Green 3 heARTsCreations.com - Copy (Medium)

This quilt will probably make its way into someone’s home as a gift. For now, it is in another closet!

Pink Green 2 heARTsCreations.com (Medium)

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  1. What a fun surprise quilt! I love those quilt closets filled with beautiful works of art:)❤️

  2. Pretty fabrics in the quilt and nice design. What a great feeling getting some older blocks into a finished product.

  3. Boy you started with pretty fabric – and ended with beautiful quilt. Congrats.


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