Lots of Prepping

12687[1]Finishes – I’ve had a couple but they are “secret” for now. I am also spending much time prepping – prepping for the Fall retreats and what I’ll be sewing at those retreats.

First up is my December Island Batik project. Yes, I work ahead – it’s just my nature. I actually have September’s project done (to be posted on September 27 with a give-away), October’s project done and just need to quilt January’s project. We have the month of November free, with no project. I’m so thankful we are given our full list of projects in the beginning of the year. Without revealing too much, I’ll just say that I cut all these most gorgeous blue, purple and silver batiks into strips. It will be such fun, easy sewing at retreat!

blue Batik strips

Project Boxes (Medium)

Secondly, I am doing a scrappy quarter square log cabin. I was inspired by Stitched in Color. This is so truly scrappy – I went through each of my six scrap containers and cut, cut, cut. The sashings are with a turquoise grunge. I know I will love this quilt!

qtr log cabin heARTsCreations.com

Do you work ahead? Do you plan your projects or work purely by inspiration?

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  1. I plan ahead on my projects. I like to be organized and have everything ready.

  2. Kathleen McCormick

    I try to plan ahead, but life doesn’t always cooperate.

  3. I sometimes have a few projects going at one time. Because some days my time is very limited so I can pick out of the projects what I have time for. Thank you, peterstankovich@comcast.net

  4. I plan ahead, but it doesn’t always turn out the way I planned.

  5. My problem is I have too many plans in my head and the start of several projects at any given time!

  6. I’m not so good at improvisation — I like symmetry and balance

  7. the log cabin in one of my favorite quilt patterns and I really like your scrappy quarter square log cabin pattern. I think I may have to try it.

  8. I like to do both


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