Round Robin – The Last

Round Robin (Medium)

RR Brunch (Medium)

Oh how bittersweet to do our last reveal. We gathered at my home to enjoy some social time and brunch. A home can be so much more conducive to chatting and visiting than a restaurant. Oh boy, we quilters sure can talk!

After our meal, we ventured down to my studio to reveal each quilt one by one. I can’t begin to tell you how humbled I am by the talent these 3 ladies possess. First up:

Judy's Round Robin

Judy’s quilt. When I saw this reveal, I immediately thought it had to be my favorite of all of them. The various rows are so different and interesting. And those 3-D blocks in the last round – Wow!

Helen's Round Robin

Helen’s quilt. Okay, now it’s obvious that there won’t be a favorite for me. I love this one too. The colors are like a great party – and if she gets it quilted soon, it will be ready for Christmas – another Wow!

Deb's Round Robin

Deb’s quilt. Now do you see what I mean? This too is great! And the fabrics, oh the fabrics. Deb did the 365 quilt (yes, the whole thing pieced and quilted) from this line for her bed and the Round Robin will hang on the wall in her bedroom. Wow yet again.

Joyce's Round Robin

My quilt. Oh the creativity. A small border, quilting and black and white binding and she’s done. Well, not that easy because the quilting will be quite a challenge for me but am looking forward to it. And yes, once again – Wow!

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I just loved being part of this Round Robin. I would definitely do one again – in a few years that is!

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15 responses »

  1. All quite beautiful!

  2. What gorgeous quilts …y’all are so talented !

  3. They are all lovely!! But that black and white borders on yours are just stunning. And your center piece is gorgeous!

  4. What a fun evening! I loved the reveal!

  5. They are all really lovely!

  6. I can see why you couldn’t pick a favorite. Who could?

  7. Round Robins scare me! I couldn’t imagine receiving a partially completed quilt and trying to figure out the next row around it. It would absolutely freeze my brain, and I wouldn’t be able to do anything at all!! These quilts are gorgeous! Vivian wvoaks at comcast dot net

    • Each quilt stayed on my design wall for at least a couple of weeks until inspiration hit! The scary part was when I first realized I was actually working on someone else’s quilt. The experience was great and I would do it again and highly recommend it.

  8. Looks like a lot of fun – all are so nice!

  9. Those Cardinals!!! xoxoxoxox

  10. The Round Robin quilts are all so beautiful and unique. So wonderful!

  11. Beautiful quilts!

  12. They all came out so good! Each one unique. What fun you girls have. You are so lucky to be in a group like you are with friends. (I love your “round robin” picture at the beginning of the post. – lol!

  13. All of the round robins are looking great! Great job to all!

  14. What a great job everyone did on this round robin. Thanks for sharing all the pics.


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