Snow Fun!

IMG_1596 (Medium)

I recently traveled outside of my “box” and entered the Martelli Quilt contest.  There was a theme choice of Winter, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Autumn. I chose Winter and was sent these templates:

Winter Templates

There was no set criteria except for the size of the finished panel. My interpretation was that although we did not need to use all the templates, I should use as many templates as many times as I could. My guess was that the quilt panels would be displayed at market and/or shows to show how the templates could be used. I used the quarter round template 38 times, the Snowman template 3 times and the mitten template 6 times. This did not seem to play into the judging, however. I did not make it as a finalist, but thoroughly enjoyed the process. For a few days I threw myself into this project. My only regret is that we don’t get the panels back (we do keep the templates.)

I had fun creating the winter sky with a bit of crazy, no plan piecing. Embellishing the snowmen definitely fed my creative side.

Would I do this again? Probably not this particular contest unless there were more guidelines and would be able to get my project back when the company was done with it. It was, however, definitely an excellent experience!


Snow Fun (Medium)

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  1. It’s a great design – should have been at least a finalist! I’m like you and would have wanted my project back.

  2. It sure is a happy piece….joyful….perhaps it will
    benefit someone after all later…you did a great job
    with it!🤗

  3. You did a great job…I wonder what the winning panels looked like? I too would be bummed about not getting this back, it is so sweet.

  4. Wow. Beautiful wall hanging. I would want it back also.

  5. What fun a fun wall hanging. Bummer that you do not get it back.:(

  6. What a cute project! I wish you were getting it back, but I understand your peace with letting it go. Your snowmen are so cute! You project made me smile.


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