Pups & Kittens Top Finished!

Pups & Kitties whole (Medium)

Oh how I love a finish! Yes, it does need to be quilted, but for me getting this top done was quite a feat! When I posted about this quilt earlier, I was just beginning to work on the setting and am so pleased with the look. Thanks again to hubby for putting this setting on EQ for me.

Here’s a close-up of a few of the blocks. And yes, there will be quite the pressing session before quilting.

You help is needed: okay my creative friends. I cannot decide on the quilting for this quilt. Overall or custom? Please weigh in with your opinions – I don’t want this to be in the to be quilted pile for too long! Thank you.

Pups & Kitties whole 2 (Medium)


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6 responses »

  1. It’s lovely. Custom will make it extra special

  2. So cute. I am sure this will inspire many more baby quilts.

  3. So CUTE!! I think custom quilting on each block would make it even better 😉

  4. I love the way the setting turned out. It’s really striking. I would say custom quilt it but I’m not sure how.


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