Why a Blank Design Wall?


For the past week nothing has gone up on my design wall. Why? It was so time to reorganize the closet with fabric yardage one more time. I emptied the closet and Hubby added a much needed shelf for me. This was not a task for the faint of heart! The fabrics are now stacked either by group or color. Visiting long forgotten collections was fun and inspiring. Of course, while sorting and folding I had a parade of pattern and design ideas marching through my head. “Be strong Joyce, be strong!” Oh how I wanted to take one of the collections and begin cutting.


The shelves extend back to the dark corners and are too filled with fabric!


I stuck to my guns and the shelves are looking very good. I even managed to eliminate one storage container! The storage containers at the bottom of the closet contain home dec , fabrics earmarked for backings, and more quilting fabric. There is still more to do, like reorganize the pieces of batting on the top shelf. I’ll save that task for another day.


For all my hard work I decided to treat myself to something for my studio – a new cutting board! It’s 47 x 35 inches. Prior to this I had two large boards but when butted against each other I could not cut across. This new board is wonderful! An added bonus is that it is green with markings on one side and black with markings on the other. It’s so nice to treat myself to something that really enhances my beloved hobby. Now…time to get something up on the design wall!


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  1. Love your new mat, wish my fabric was neast like that. Did manage to clean a space off my sewing table today

  2. Great space! Nice cutting mat too.


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