Organization – Fun labels!

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Just got back from a week at beautiful Jekyll Island, Georgia, so no sewing to show for this past week. I did a little applique work and knitting while there, but mostly bicycling and enjoying the ocean. I have, however, labeled all my bins and project boxes in my studio. Do you know about chalkboard labels and chalk pens?  I didn’t until my daughter suggested I use them in my sewing studio. I was like a kid in a toy shop when they arrived. I purchased a pack of 45 – plenty, right? Wrong! I’ll be needing a few more to complete the process.

Now all my supply/fabric bins are clearly labeled. For the few wire bins I have, I just cut a strip to fit across the top of the bin. The liquid chalk pen is so easy to write with.


The project boxes are now not only clearly labeled, but they look nice too! When a project is complete, I can just erase and write a new project name.


I know, I know, lots of projects!!


Admittedly, I am a bit organization obsessive, but like it even better when it’s easy and looks good!

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  1. I love the labels! It’s very you 🙂

  2. Organization is great….but the beach picture is the best. I forwarded the e-mail to Linda Bird, the correct e-mail address has a c between first and last name. I’ve had this problem with a cousin’s address and have to double check all the time. Computers are so smart you can hardly find where the error is and get it corrected. I’ve looked and corrected every address file I have but iCloud inserts the wrong one every time. Linda C

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    • heartsdesireretreats

      Thank you Linda – we loved Jekyll! And yes, I’ll check t hat email – I have corrected it more than once, maybe third will be the charm!!


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