Workin’ It Wednesday! Borders

whole quilt (Large)

What would I do without my design walls?! A couple of weeks ago I sketched a medallion quilt pattern and hubby put it on EQ for me. The plan was to use all Kaffe fabrics in blues and greens. After much sewing – flying geese and half square triangles, and much arranging and rearranging on the design wall, it just wasn’t working. I left it alone for a few days and then decided to just rearrange the pieces. This is not even close to the original design, but I do like it. Now it’s border time! I think borders help to make a quilt come alive. I will do a pieced outer border but need to decide on the inner border. Here are my three choices:

choice 1 (Large)

Choice #1 – Too Busy – a NO.

choice 2 (Large)

Choice #2  ??

choice 3 (Large)

Choice #3 ??


I know #1 is a definite “no.” Help! Which do you think works better – #2 or #3?  Your help would really be greatly appreciated.

And what about my original quilt design?  I still have two bins full of Kaffe fabrics. I’ll happily pull some out and have another go at it another day!

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  1. Love it!
    #2 for sure 😄

  2. I love it! It looks so cool and refreshing. I really like #2, but it depends somewhat on your plan for the outer border.

    • heartsdesireretreats

      The outer border will be pieced with the same fabrics as in the body of the quilt. I “think” I have enough fabric!

  3. The colors remind me of being in the water snorkeling…I like #2 for the border.

  4. Count two votes from Mom and I for option #2! 🙂

  5. #2 looks best to me, the light one seems to disappear. Love the quilt!

    • heartsdesireretreats

      Thank you! The lighter green looks better in person, but the camera is very telling. The blue definitely shows up more.

  6. I was just looking at the Kaffe blues/greens this morning. Love them. My vote goes for #2.


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