Gardening vs. Quilting – Can I do Both?

pink azalea (Large)

Once upon a time, I spent most of my free time in the yard. I would dig, plant, weed and plan. Sun up ’till sun down and there were days I would put on the outside lights after dark so I could finish up a section. Somehow things began to change and I spent less and less time in the yard. Quilting took over and now going out in the yard to work is an obligation and no longer a joy. Too bad, really, because it is good excercise. Now that I am retired, I am making a conscious effort to go back to the garden and enjoy the time spent there. I have decreased some of the maintenance making some areas smaller and eliminating flowers from another and replacing with ground cover. Unfortunately, we had a super duper bumper crop of acorns this past winter and I have a zillion plus little oak trees growing!!

oak tree weeds (Large)

These little oak trees are everywhere! Soon to be covered with newspaper and mulched on top.


I’ll admit that once I’m out there I am enjoying it more. It helps that the weather here has been so wonderful. Mid 60’s to low 70’s is my ideal range for working outside. If I do just a couple of hours a day, I will be able to make a good dent in it. The glory is when I go inside and sit on the porch and enjoy looking at the fruits of my labor.  A huge side benefit is that it is healthy!

shot cotton (Large)

Shot Cotton Throw


Admittedly, there is still plenty of time to sew. And I have seen much progress with my projects. So off to the garden I go with a positive attitude and will return with hopefully not too many aches and pains!!

In Progress 4 2016 (Large)

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