Machine Cover Up

IMG_0808 (Large)

My Sashiko looked so vulnerable – to dust that is. Great excuse to make a small project. I had just a little more to spend on my gift card from MaryJo’s in Gastonia. I figured 4 trips there was enough! I really liked these fabrics and knew they’d be perfect for the machine cover. I cut rectangles and put them together brick style. I wanted this to be quick, right? The back of the cover is strips – lots quicker than bricks! I used backing and batting and put it all together envelope style and added ties to each side. I liked it, but it was a little dull. Time to machine applique!

IMG_0806 (Large)IMG_0805 (Large)

An orange batik for the sunflower petals, brown for the center, two different batik greens for the leaves. All fused and machine stitched. Just a touch more pizzaz needed – beads! I really do love adding beads to projects. Now my Sashiko is all nicely covered. The Bernina has a cover I love, but the Featherweight is in need of one. I’ll get to that when I have a day I’m in need of another small project.  Do any of you keep your machines covered?

IMG_0811 (Large)

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