Glitter & Glue & Paint Oh MY!

Tag (Large)

Glitter, glue, tulle, paints – such fun! No sewing for a day – just playing with crafty fun things. I made gift tags using paint, gold leaf, twigs and a bit of glitter. These were inspired by a tag I received last year that came from Anthropologie.  The tag is water color paper I cut, painted strokes of Lumiere paint to mimic a tree, gold leafed the twigs and glued one to each tag as the base of the tree, added a little glitter for a star on top of the tree, punched a hole in the top and added a ribbon for a tie. I love them!


I’ve mentioned before that I love to set a pretty table. I wanted some sort of table favor for each person at our Christmas morning breakfast, so I made angels! I used Ferrer Roche candy, two kinds of tulle – one on a roll that had glitter and the other gold cut in rounds. I gold leafed a popsicle stick (love that gold leaf this year!), glued a candy to the top, put the tulle over the “head” and secured with some thin copper wire and put a ribbon and bow over that. I had a very thick gold thread that I made into halos. I found some pretty gold scrapbook card stock and cut angel wings. As much as I love these candies, I don’t think I have the heart to tear into her. Can’t wait to put these on the Christmas morning breakfast table.

Angel (Large)

I then spent part of one day wrapping gifts and the next decorating them. I love when it goes from this:

Undecorated (Large)

To this:

Now it’s “beginning to look a lot like Christmas!”

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  1. Oh, Joyce…how lovely!!! I think I miss making treats like this…good for you keeping up making Christmas loveliness. I love you

  2. Things like this remind me where I get my creative side from. So very pretty! The only ‘problem’ with such a beautiful package is the recipient may not want to open it. lol


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