Woo Hoo – Got It Back!

When I retired in March of this year, I sewed like crazy! I finished many projects. For the last two months, though, I have mostly been “piddling” in the sewing studio. I got all my projects reorganized in their project boxes. I did a bit of cutting, a bit of pressing, and a bit of sewing. Not a whole lot to show for my time. Am I taking all this “extra” time I now have that I’m not employed for granted? I don’t think so. I think I’ve been going through a coasting faze. Somehow though, my Sewing Mojo came back to me this week! I finished a child-sized charity quilt and have it sandwiched ready to quilt. I finished a lap size quilt for Hospice. It too is sandwiched and the quilting is started.

I also decided to catalog my projects. Nothing fancy – just a listing for me to look at and help me select what I’m going to work on each day. I’ve given each project a working name and noted what has been done with that project. Some have been all cut and the construction has begun. Some are only cut. Others are just the fabric and pattern in a project box. None of these projects are gifts, so I am not on a time table. I have decided to just enjoy each day in my studio and work on whichever project speaks to me that day. I am also taking a more positive approach – all projects are now “Works in Progress” – instead of Unfinished. Thomas Knauer said it for me: “I once more have quilts to make rather than finish, which makes all the difference in the world.”  (Quilt Matters, The Joy of Quilting, Quilters Newsletter, Feb./March 2015.)

Project List

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I “catalogued” projects in January but on a piece of paper in a notebook. I like your idea so much more and it is easy to update. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person who had so many projects. Sometimes I feel like I have a problem but in this quilting world it is so easy to get distracted by ideas and beautiful supplies. And the quote at the end of your blog is such a positive outlook. Thanks!

  2. I love that quote…isn’t that the reason we sew in the first place, to ‘make’ things? I may have to print that and put it up in my sewing room for a reminder 😉

  3. Oh Joyce!

    You make me feel so good! I have so many projects that need attention. So I’ve started to pull those out and start working 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there! First off is a whole cloth pre-printed pillow that dates back to 2000 or so from CT when a guild member held a workshop to teach hand quilting! All in a bag, hoop and all. I may finish this as several years ago one of MCQG’s guests showed us her quilting without a hoop and I’ve tried it and like it! Most imprtant…I like it!

    Linda Corazzo


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