Mentor Blocks Two and Three


Shoofly Block

Shoofly Block

Mentoring L’s senior project continues. Block two, the “Monkey Wrench” or “Church Dash” and block three, “Shoofly” have been completed. I am using two prints from Free Spirit’s Wildwood collection and a third to fussy cut the flowers in the center squares. For the background fabric I am using one of the designer essentials, Flora which is light pale golden yellow on yellow flower design.

Churn Dash Block

Churn Dash Block

It really is exciting to see L’s six blocks on one of my design walls with my blocks on the design wall beside hers. Even better is seeing her getting more comfortable with rotary cutting and sewing. She’s even at the point where I don’t need to give her step by step instructions – she is figuring it out on her own. Next week she should have her next set of blocks done. We are on a tight schedule, so we really need to be plugging along.

As for my own sewing, I am piddling some, but the nicer weather has brought me out to the yard for some much needed maintenance. Unfortunately, our mighty oaks have been overly prolific with acorns this year. Every other year is usually heavy, but this is definitely a banner year!

Acorns (Large)From just one section of our yard, about a twelve by twelve foot area, we have filled five contractor size wheelbarrows with acorns! The pic on the left shows how the acorns are carpeting sections of our yard. Our snow shovel has come in handy for this task! The other major drawback to the constant raining of acorns is that it often wakes us at night. Hitting the roof makes quite a thump, but hitting the gutters sounds like we are under siege! Surely after today’s rain they will all be down – I can only hope.

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  1. Very well done! She has a good teacher.


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