Stashbuster – Sampler Quilt & Mentoring

Crossroads (Large)Such an honor – a very sweet, intelligent and beautiful girl asked me to be her mentor for her senior Capstone project. Students pick a topic, write a research paper, and then complete a project. It is their choice, however it does need to meet with a school official’s approval.  My student, “L,” chose quilting! Her topic is very interesting – quilting as a communication tool during the Underground Railroad.  She did her research, chose her blocks and drew up a design (yes, literally with pencil and paper!) My hubby the EQ superman transferred it to the EQ program. L chose her color palette and off to MaryJo’s Fabrics we went. This was not an easy task for her. She had something very specific in mind and it did not all seem to exist! Two hours and 18 bolts of fabric later, she found her four fabrics.

I will not be showing any pics of her fabric or blocks until after she has presented her project at the end of the year. I am, however, doing each of the five blocks ahead of her and will post those as we go. She will be doing a total of 12 blocks, sashings and two borders – all to be completed by the end of November. Yikes! No pressure here!

I was going to just build practice blocks using muslin but DUH! If I’m going to do the work, I might as well use a pretty fabric collection in my stash and get a quilt out of the project too! The first block is Crossroads and is the easiest of the five blocks she has chosen. Below is the EQ generated block drawing. Crossroads Block

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