Stashbuster – For a Good Cause

When I retired in March, I envisioned redesigning my blog and faithfully posting every week. So what has happened? I’m doing a lot of reading and enjoying it immensely. The home projects I just didn’t get to while working have won! Not complaining though, as it really feels good to be getting stuff done! The yard and garden are finally getting the attention they deserve and need. In return, I am getting more exercise than I do sitting at the computer or at the sewing machine. (Does getting up and down to press count?!)

Squared up and ready for binding.

Squared up and ready for binding.

I have managed to complete another quilt.  Quilters Dream Batting has been a faithful sponsor of the Quilt & Sew-In Retreat. They also sponsor the Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS and I wanted to do a throw quilt for this worthy cause. I have several sales sample packs and cut two of the same fabric packs into 5 inch squares. I then cut some of those into fourths and some into halves. One whole, two halves and a fourth make up one block. Easy and fun!

ALS Quilt

All bound and finished and going to the post office next week to be sent off. This is my second completed charity quilt this year! I truly hope it brings warmth and comfort to someone who is living with ALS.



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  1. You’ve created a very restful quilt. Someone is sure to LOVE it!


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