Scrapbuster Sunday – Tumbled!

with-without borders

This quilt was in the works for years – about 7. True charm quilts have no duplicate fabrics in them, so I collected fabrics from friends to add to my stash. I thought the sashings added impact; the sashings also added a lot of cutting and sewing to this project! I sewed a little on this each year until finally it was nearing completion.  When the top was all done, I thought it looked “dead.”  I then made the two outer rows – one all white. To add these two rows, I had to unsew the ends of every row, sew the two added tumblers on and when all had been attached, resew the length of each row. This took forever, but I think it was worth it. It added life to this quilt and is definitely unique. To prolong the finishing of this quilt, I hand quilted it using embroidery cotton and the Sashiko stitch, or “long stitch.”  This is my first all hand quilted quilt!

Sashiko (Large)

zig zag raw edge (Large)finished zig zag (Large)

The binding:  I didn’t want to lose the zig-zag on the sides, so I cut my binding on the bias and just went to each point and turned gently. It made more of a curve than a point, but I am very happy with the results. I still have a lot of tumblers left over. A baby quilt maybe? I don’t know – maybe we’ll see in about another 7 years!

Full Quilt (Large)

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  1. Joyce, it is lovely. Those white accent sets and the teal accents take it to another level. You are tenacious!

  2. Wow! What a lot of work went into this one! I love the hand quilting! Your choice of colors in all your work is wonderful.


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