Scrapbuster Sunday – Failure!

I have been wanting to do a Christmas quilt for my home for quite some time. I found this pattern from Moda and decided to do it scrappy. This quilt is proof that scrappy doesn’t work for everything. The pieces I used were true scrappy – not all from the same line. Big mistake – I never went to the design board until all the pieces were done. I did the big pinwheels one week, and then a month later made the little pinwheels and so on. I’ve rearranged the blocks and colors at least a hundred times and it just doesn’t work. There is no way I could bring myself to sew this together. My thinking is that the pieces were just too big to work together. Down it came, separated pieces and like fabrics and stored away. I will use the large pinwheels for the backing of the new scrappy Christmas quilt I am now making. And… the new one is working and being sewn together!
Christmas Failure (Large)

Discouraged? No! I enjoyed the sewing process and it is a lesson well learned. The other pieces are not wasted, just waiting with my other scraps to be up on the design wall another day!

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  1. I actually don’t think this is ‘that’ bad. Save your little blocks, use them in another scrappy quilt. This is a great way to do it…

    • heartsdesireretreats

      Thank you. The larger pieces did scream, “I don’t belong here!” The pieces are all saved and filed for future use.

  2. I still like it!

  3. Did you spend some time deciding what you don’t like about it? To my taste it is a little too busy, but that isn’t because of different lines of fabric. I wonder if using more similar, rectangular connector blocks would have helped. If they were more muted/less patterned, it might have worked better for me. Aside from that, I love the combination of circles and pinwheels, and differently sized blocks. The format is creative and definitely worth trying again. Thanks for sharing it, either way.

    • heartsdesireretreats

      Thank you Melanie. Some of the colors did not work together. Also, the print on the larger pieces did not flow with the others. I will definitely do this pattern again, probably within a line of fabrics and not scrappy. All will most definitely be used in quilts yet to be designed.

  4. I know it’s been a while, but like the design – can’t find the pattern though. Can you please share the link?


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