Mug Rug Greeting

I continue to be busy working on my UFO’s. Sometimes, though, little projects are very rewarding. A dear friend recently celebrated a big birthday. Friends and family were asked to send a card and on her birthday she was presented with a treasure trove of greetings and warm loving wishes from many. Of course, my mind tends to go to quilting, so I designed a fun mug rug.

70 fabric (1) (Large)70 fabric applique (Large)








I began by choosing background fabric, then an array of fun and lively fabrics for the appliqué. Yes, it was her 70th. Keeping it simple, a did a curved background and appliquéd a big “70.” Every birthday needs candles, so I used various fabrics for the candle appliqués. I fused the appliqués and zig-zagged around them. The flames on the candles did not look too great once stitched. Glitter paint to the rescue! It gave the piece some pop and filled in the stitching holes!

70 base (Large)

70 (Large)

A personal label on the back finished it off!  mug rug label

Now back to those bigger projects.

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  1. Very cute mug rug and a great idea for all friends, young and old. No circle quilt back yet.

  2. That looks beautiful and will be treasured for years to come I’m sure! x


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