Christmas in July


full quilt 2 (Large)

At long last the split 16 Christmas quilt is finished! It is one of my UFO challenge finishes – that makes 9 out of 20. The number of pieces? 1,282! It was a lot of sewing and I am so glad I stuck with it. A Christmas quilt done in July – amazing. Now on to the other  Christmas quilt in the works!

quilt w flowers (Large)Block (Large)

I’ll need a bit of motivation to get back to it – maybe if I do something non-Christmas first. I have only about 3 more hours of work on a wall hanging that is also a UFO challenge. It will be so gratifying to be at #10.

Taking up a bit of sewing time has been helping to prep wood for the winter. I love our warm heat and low heating bills – but the work can be pretty intense. Hubby does most of it, and last weekend he and our daughter had great bonding time as they split wood for 4 hours! I don’t actually do too much, but hubby sure works like crazy and I am thankful.

It went from this...

It went from this…


to this...

to this…


to this!

to this!


Lots of cutting, splitting, stacking and sweat!

Lots of cutting, splitting, stacking and sweat!

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  1. Your Christmas quilt looks beautiful! x

  2. It’s beautiful, congrats on getting it finished!


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