Scrapbuster Sunday

Full FlannelYikes! I’m on a roll! Last week I finished three quilt tops and quilted one! I’ve done several flannel quilts and have kept the scraps (of course). I did another strip quilt using 1″ and 1 1/2″ quilt strips. This time I used a rectangular base instead of a square and used one of the bolder flannel strips to make a focus diamond. The backing fabric is a fun stripe. I quilted this one myself and feel quite certain it will be my last flannel strip quilt. 

Flannel folded


The scraps?  Oh yes, there is still a bag full. They have been passed on to a quilting buddy who may be just as crazy as I am and make a flannel string quilt too!

3 responses »

  1. you really are on a roll, love it!

  2. So colorful and fun! Beautiful!!

  3. It looks so soft. Pretty too. Thanks for sharing your pictures.


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