Momma’s New Bag

There are 17 UFO’s for me to complete for my guild challenge and packing to do for tomorrow’s retreat. So what do I do?  Start a new project! I love to keep my current projects in these plastic boxes with a snap lid – they are the perfect size. So…I made a bag that they would fit into perfectly. I love this home dec fabric – great colors and so lively! I’m not much on the planning end – rough sketched on paper, measured one of the boxes and then went from there. Hubby helped with the grommets, I covered some soft “rope” for the handles and voila! A bag big enough to hold several project boxes and other needed things. (and YES, the grass needs cutting – finally Spring!)

 bag and project box (Large)

Project bag (Large)

And what a pile of packing I have done! Here’s a suggested list for retreats. I have to keep a checklist or I am bound to forget something important – like an extension cord. A spare machine has become a must for me as I had a breakdown at one retreat and was glad for a backup.

  This weekend should be SEW much fun! Hopefully I’ll have lots of progress to post when I get back.

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