The Great Stitched Postcard Swap

The Great Stitched Postcard SwapAn international swap – how fun that would be! Participants were to  make an art post card. It could be paper, fabric or the medium of their choosing.  No surprise I chose fabric.  My base was  a heavy weight fusible 5 x 7.  I began by pulling various scraps working from a Kaffe Fasset print and then adding to it – I chose 7 for my background. I layered the first two, cut a wavy line, then pulled them apart.  The first piece was fused to the base. I then layered the next two fabrics, cut a wavy line, and placed the first of those two onto the base, fitting it to the first fused piece.  I did this with all 7 fabrics – it was a fun and colorful puzzle! I used an uneven zig zag down the center of each seam using various threads.

Curve piecing ATCStrips ATC

Applique Layer ATC

I then cut leaves, a flower and the same flower  in a small size. I fused the first layer of the flower, stitched around the edges and then layered the second flower on top of it.  All this was done with a fusible backing.  I placed the leaves and then fused those down also.  I did some free motion stitching on the top flower and leaves. Embellishment was done with a few beads in the center of the flower and highlights done with some glitter paint on the leaves and Lumiere on the flower.  I then fused a piece of off white to the back of the card, trimmed the card to a 4 x 6″ and zig zagged around the edges using a varietated thread.

This card is now off to Hong Kong to my swap partner. I can’t wait to see what I receive in return! I’m especially greatful for this swap because it gave me an evening of creative play!

Art Card Completed

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  1. So creative and very pretty

  2. This is my first swap; first sewn postcard actually. Thanks for describing what you did – I never would’ve thought of layering a background – very inspiring! Love how vibrant your card is!


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