UFO Challenge

UFOs (Large)First, please know that my camera is dying. Not a whole lot of focus going on. I don’t want to just run out and get one, so fuzzy will be here for a bit.

On to the UFO challenge: The Lake Norman Quilters guild has just issued a challenge to its members – UFOs! Projects begun but not completed as of January 31 qualify. We turn in a list of our UFO’s and our entry fee is one fat quarter for each entry.  Oh yes, UFOs I got!! Most are in project boxes.  Over the years I have found that rather than completing  a project, it is easier to buy more project boxes and start new projects.  For me, there is real joy in cutting into a new set of fabrics. I like this challenge.  I have not compiled my final list yet (I’m at 15)- I’m trying to be realistic. The challenge ends in March of 2015 – plenty of time, right? We’ll see.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Oh – the fabric collections coupled with patterns but not yet begun? I have several of those too. Those don’t count, so I’ll really need to avoid temptation.  Wish me luck.

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  1. Good luck! I recommend alternating projects that only need a couple of steps before they’re finished with those that still need a lot of work. That way you’ll have a finish relatively often which is good for motivation.

  2. Is there a prize awarded?

    • heartsdesireretreats

      Yes! That’s what the fat quarters are for. I think there will be other prizes awarded too. Yikes – more fat quarters will mean more projects!

  3. Actually the challenge goes through the May 2015 meeting, so you can add at least a few more 🙂

  4. Having never participated in something like this…can you explain why you would “pay” to finish your UFOs (by contributing one FQ for each UFO). Am I understanding right?

    You make a list of your UFOs, then contribute one FQ for each one, and then what? Obviously you finish your projects, but why should it cost you? I guess I don’t understand. Does it motivate you if you contribute one FQ per project?

    I totally understand making a list, etc. but am not understanding the FQ part of it.

    • heartsdesireretreats

      The fat quarters are used for prizes. At meetings, for each UFO you have completed , your name goes into a drawing and the fat quarters are used for some of the prizes. There will be other things awarded, like most completed, most pieces, etc. It is a great motivator!


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