8 Years – Finally!

Crazy Lve(Large)

About 8 years ago I started this crazy quilt. It is Cynthia Tomaszewski design. Funny, I bought her book because her last name is my maiden name! I was deslighted that I loved her work. I did a lot of beading on this piece – some of my feather stitching is all beads. That was the easy part. Finishing it just never seemed to happen. I finally pushed myself – our quilt show was approaching and I thought it would be great to have it hang in the show. I used a braid trim instead of the traditional binding. It was a chore, but definitely worth it. And finally…it hangs. It is in our guestroom – a special touch for special folks we welcome into our home. What are you waiting for? Go ahead – pull out a long forgotten unfinished project and begin to work on it. It is worth it!

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  1. Joyce:
    This is BEAUTIFUL! I Love it. I am so glad you put it in my room 🙂


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