Moving Mountains

For me, this is the BEST time of year in North Carolina. We’ve had lots of rain and sun, and the temps have not yet been devestatingly hot. My gardens are plush with greens – so many different shades. It’s like a quilt growing in my yard all embellished with various flowers. We have many, many trees, so they are shade gardens – lush ferns, stately hostas, regal hydrangeas and a wide range of daylilies. And then there are the weeds. They are healthy. They are rampant. Mulch is our best ally when it comes to deterring the weeds. Imagine my surprise when I came home to this mountain of mulch in our driveway. Oh NO! It was blocking the boat. In just a few short days hubby and I managed to move that mountain. Take that you nasty weeds!

Fresh Mulch (Large)

It is done and it was worth it.  At least the flowers and plants seem to think so!

DSC03266 (Large)DSC03271 (Large)

Of course, gardening does take me away from my sewing studio. That’s okay. I’m sure to be refreshed and inspired from having played in the gardens.

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