Getting Ready for Quilt Show

In August the Lake Norman Quilters’ quilt show, Sail Into Quilting 2013, will take place. Because I am the chairperson of the event (that hand just went up in the air all by itself!), I need to get my entries ready now. Here are two I recently completed.
We live practically in the woods, so “No More Raking” with its bare limb and one lone leaf represents a joyful time for me – the time when the heavy leaf clearing is done. I saw a picture of this quilt somewhere quite some time ago and it stuck in my memory. It is done with batiks from my stash except for the brown limb that I did need to buy. It was very bright outside and unfortunately the rich colors of the batiks do not show week in this picture. Hubby is gone today and he is the better picture taker. The leaf is done with painted and heated Tyvek however, I am thinking about removing it and putting a 3 dimensional leaf. I’ll look at it for the next couple of weeks and decide.No More Raking (Large)
The larger quilt I call “Beach Ball Booty.” The pattern is from the book Quilt Remix by Emily Cher the pattern “Pinwheel.” I did all the balls using the perfect circle method and then machine appliquéd them. The pinwheel balls remind me of a joyous time in my childhood days on Jones Beach playing with beach balls.

Ball Booty closeup (Large) Ball Booty(Lg)
Two more entries to complete. All need labels. When all are done, I will lay them out one by one and check for threads to be clipped. Then I’ll go over each with a line roller. Our deadline for entry forms is the end of June. I better get busy!

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  1. Laurie Jasany

    stunning! gorgeous! my fave is no more leaves,it would look beautiful at Lake James….just sayin’!


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