Quilters’ Weekend of Fun & Sewing!!


Quiltettes 1(Large)




Last weekend 6 quilters descended on a vacation home in Denver on Lake Norman, NC. Sadly, we had 3 missing due to illness and they were sorely missed.  Those of there cut, ate, sewed, ate, read, ate, sewed some more and did I mention that we ate?  Both Jean N. and Lucinda made quilts for their grandchildren, one yet to be born. I put a baby quilt together for a sometime maybe grandchild (I can dream, can’t I?). Laurie worked on an amazing applique “12 Days of Christmas” – much left to do but it’s at an exciting point where you can see it come alive.  Jean L. had such woes – her machine was not behaving. When it finally was, her paper piecing project (which is more ambitious than I could ever imagine tackling) was proving quite a challenge. She also worked on skirts for granddaughters and I am not too happy that I didn’t get a pic of the amazing backpacks she made for them. Sandra worked on the cutest checkerboard stuffed giraffe for her grandson. Lucinda also added borders to a beautiful table topper. I put together the fabric for a bedskirt that I actually came home and finished a few days later!


The threat of ice and the possibility of no power did not even deter us. We gathered flashlights, candles and filled a tub with water. We had lots of blankets, enough wine to get us through the night and there were sure to have been some good stories to tell in the dark!


Yes, the “Quiltettes” had a great creative weekend.  I just love being with those ladies!!

Lucinda's Table Topper (Large)

Quiltettes 2(Large)

lucinda's baby quilt (Large)

Lucinda Sewing (Large)

Laurie's purple scrappy(Large)

Last mroning group (Large)

Laurie cutting(Large)

Laurie's Applique (Large)

Jean "Orating"

Joyce & her Frozen Desser Creation

Joyce & her Frozen Dessert Creation

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  1. As always, it was a wonderful time. Lots of quilting, laughing and relaxing from the usual routine. Joyce thought of everything. The food was wonderful!!!!!


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