My Favorite Quilt

Christmas AM quilt (Large)

Christmas Mornign Surprise!!

Christmas Quilt (Large) I have made many, many quilts. Some have been for gifts, and some I have made for our home. I have been especially fond of a few, but never really had a “favorite” before. Now I do! It is a quilt that was made for me. What a huge surprise Christmas morning when I opened a quilt made by my daughter for me – and with some of my favorite fabrics! She is a busy, busy girl, so her taking the time to put together such a fine work was so special. This quilt now holds a special place on the sofa in our living room and I know I will never tire of admiring it or cuddling up under it. Thank you daughter!!

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  1. Beautiful Kaffe, great design!

  2. elysesusandesign

    You were worth every one of those damn points! Love ya

  3. Beautiful! So talented.


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