Finally Finished!!!

Last year for Christmas (2011) I gave my husband a quilt that was not completely finished.  He had asked for a quilt he could use for the cool nights he spends on the boat.  Of course, I thought it had to be “boaty,” so I borred an idea from a quilt my friend Eileen had made for her husband some years ago.  Thus, “Bob’s Flounder Fantasy” was born. I bordered a turqoise blue fabric and sent it off to the longarm quilter for a water look quilting design.  I machine appliqued anchors in the 4 corner blocks.  I then chose different spotted batiks and  machine appliqued with a zig zag stitch 23 flounders.  Using striped fabrics, I added upper, lower and back fins.  He received the quilt without the flippers – those had to be hand appliqued, and I never did find enough time to do it out of his sight. 

Bob’s Flounder Fantasy

Silly me, little did I know that giving an unfinished quilt would leave me open to a request. “It needs embellishing – the flounder need eyes.”  Off to the bead shop we went and chose beads – for all 46 eyes!  Today I sewed the last flipper on. DONE! I hope to never again give an unfinished gift.

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  1. Totally fabulous !!!

  2. It looks great! But what are you going to work on for the retreat next week?

  3. Camille Schiavone

    Hi Joyce, I think the quilt is very nice, love the fabrics and so glad you gave the flounder
    eyes or else how could they swim around…… Really like it.

    • heartsdesireretreats

      I had no problem with “artsy” blind fish – not only were there 46 eyes – but 2 beads for each eye! Hubby is happy thought, so I guess it was worth it.


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