Yummy Flannels!

2 colorway blocks were used

I can’t believe how much I have worked with flannels in the past year, including the quilt I did for Westminster in my last post. They are so soft and colorful – just Yummy!  This weekend I finished a quilt using the Irving Street flannels.


“Birds in the Hood”

Now I had all these flannel scraps and wanted to begin doing some “scrap management.”  I cut all my scraps into 1″ (yes, one inch) strips and made a string quilt. It has a grand total of 1,524 strings! I regret not having kept track of the number of bobbins of thread I used.  This is one heavy quilt. It has not been quilted yet. I’ve decided on no batting and a cotton back so as not to add to the weight too much.

I also had the pleasure of teaching a scrappy block flannel workshop.  It was so fun to see in just a few short hours how these quilts were coming together. The students were all so industrious and many blocks made it to the design wall.  Can’t wait to see their finished quilts!

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