Fun + Fun = Retreat Part II

This year the retreat had a special event – Sew Original in Boone invited us for an after hours shopping night, special discount, Accu Quilt demo and dinner!! The dinner was amazingly yummy. What a treat! The demo was so well presented and very informative. Many of those attending already own an Accu Quilt and one or two added one to their studios after seeing the demo. There were even fun give-aways!

Of course, we shopped. And shopped. I was amazed at the haul a few showed off when back at the retreat.

IMG_0839 (Large)IMG_0838 (Large)IMG_0841 (Large)

Thank you Melinda Rose for your invite and gracious hospitality!


There are just so many talented women who attend the Quilt & Sew-Ins and Show and Tell is one of my favorite activities there. Some bring a project they began at the last retreat, one worked on at home, or something they worked on at the current retreat. Talent, talent, talent!

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I am awaiting more show & tell pics and will share those soon.


Back from Retreat I

Whew! Retreat is just so much fun – but really, 30 quilters?! There was a lot of sewing, sharing, laughing, games, prizes and fun, fun, fun.  What a wonderful group. And I had the privilege of meeting some for the first time and there were a few that hadn’t been in a while. There are those that come every year. All lend so much to the retreat. In addition to North Carolina, they came from South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama and Florida!

Here are some of the pics – another took some and am awaiting those to be sent so there will be a second post soon. Each day began with a great breakfast to fuel us for the fun and work ahead. Lots of serious discussions too!

Beverly and Janet were obviously absorbed in their projects.

It’s not all sewing. Adrienne did beautiful painted rocks while Diane knitted scarves for a charity program.

Jean made a fabulous cover for her sewing machine and completed a nifty reversible apron.

One pretty and warm afternoon we had no choice but to go to Kilwin’s for ice cream. This has become a very yummy tradition!

IMG_0859 (Large)

Betty Ruth was delighted to win at strip poker – things got a little rowdy!

IMG_0847 (Large)

Lots of fun and laughing, but I have to admire the concentration and seriousness.

Pat was determined to complete her first quilt – a flannel rag quilt.

IMG_0850 (Large)

Be on the lookout for Retreat Wrap-up Parts II and III!





More Mail Goodness

mail envelope

How I love to get mail – especially packages! Once again I received a much enjoyed package from Jo of Jo’s Country Junction.

IMG_0801 (Large)

First up: A quilt top that will be the perfect size for a Hospice Quilt – maybe even for a wheelchair bound patient. I will remove the large top and bottom borders, add another border, quilt and bind. Into the charity bin I keep to work on in the new year.

IMG_0800 (Large)

Secondly, above is this ever so bright quilt top. This has cheer sewn all over the top! This quilt top will get a solid border (to help all that fun color), quilted and bound.


The bat blocks are totally adorable and fun. Not sure how these will be put to use as they are not appropriate for a Hospice quilt, but our group will confer and am sure we’ll come up with something!

It is just so very heartwarming to see just how generous quilters are. The goodness is passed around in so many ways and I am grateful to be a part of it.

Sew Thankful!

November is the month of “thanks” and I am truly thankful for the opportunity to be able to challenge my creative spirit mostly through quilting. Some time was spent away from home in October – a week in Southport, NC and a few days in New York City. Whew! Lots of fun, sightseeing, walking, bicycling, eating, more walking and more eating! However, not much sewing was done during that time.

That’s okay though. A scrappy was bound by hand while away and snippets here and there were done while I was home. I pulled out a Kaffe jelly roll flimsy that I had completed some time ago, did quite a bit of machine quilting and am now hand quilting. WHY? Because – it will just look better. Will not be a quick finish and that’s okay. No pics at this time, though.

I’m double checking that everything is ready for retreat that begins this Sunday!! So here’s October’s wrap up:

October Projects

Angel Wing – Southport, NC

Hubby and I recently spent a week in Southport, NC.  What a marvelous coastal town.  Unfortunately, they did get some damage from Hurricane Florence, but just about everything was up and running. Lots of new roofs were being put on!

Our last full day hubby and I went our separate ways. I took a leisurely stroll up and down the main street of the city: Howe Street. Lots of shops of all kinds. Lo and behold – I came upon this shop filled with everything I love (except food!)


I was a bit skeptical before entering – how could this shop do all these crafts well? Will it be neat, tidy and well organized or a big mish mash of crafts?  It is a totally excellent, well organized and beautiful shop.


There were so many choices for needlepoint, cross stitch and embroidery threads. There were also weaving supplies. Some I had never seen before.


And the knitting – oh the knitting! A huge selection of all kinds of yarns, patterns and completed examples. And yes, I crumbled. I bought this beautiful chenille yarn to make a small blanket (hopefully with a little help from a friend or two!) See the light green and white piece draped on the chair? That’s the one!

The quilting section – although not huge, I loved every single bolt of fabric there. Everything was bright and up to date. Be strong girl – just buy the yarn! There was also a nice selection of notions.



The owner,  Donna, was camera shy. She does, however, invite you to come in person to meet her and enjoy this amazing and wonderful shop!

Angelwing Needle Arts,  507 North Howe Street, Southport, NC

Sew Scrappy Fun!

4 Patch Scrappy

This quilt was started as a leader ender. How fun it is when it gets to the point when there are blocks to sew together! I also enjoyed remembering that many of the scrap pieces were from years of many other quilt projects.

I decided to use all purple in the border instead of scrappy – it brought a cohesiveness to the quilt that I rather like.

4 patch scrappy distant

Something I rarely do – I hand stitched the binding down! I brought it with me on vacation and worked on it in the evenings. How nice to come home with a completed quilt.

4 patch scrappy distant

We were in Southport, NC overlooking a marina.  I couldn’t resist the photo ops with the finished quilt. This big rusty boat was fun to look at – and boy was it rusty! It is a working boat that retrieves copper from the ocean floor. Obviously boat body maintenance and pretty are not part of their agenda. I was very careful and my quilt came away clean.

4 patch scrappy full boat

Fun, Fun Mail!

We got back from vacation to find a pile of fun, fun mail! A quilter in Arizona sent the best box of goodness!

Charity Donation box

There were completed blocks and a pile of scrap fabrics. My favorites – bright, bright, bright!

Her generosity went even further – a pack of rotary blades and two spools of thread. What an amazing generous and useful bonus! These will definitely be put to good use when I continue with Hospice quilts in the new year.

IMG_0796 (Large)

She began a wonderful Rob Pete scrappy quilt having completed 15 blocks. For whatever reason not wanting to continue, she sent them to me for the Hospice quilts my group works on! I will use 12 of the blocks for one lap quilt, add sashing and a border. The other three completed blocks will go into a “save” bin. She sent the printed interfacing to make more of the same blocks and enough fabric for many more!


This box was just so much fun – thank you Maureen for your incredible generosity. Oh the comfort this will all lead to for Hospice patients. And thank you to Jo from Jo’s Country Junction for providing my info for this contribution.