Toppers & Runners

A friend of mine’s church which was founded in 1765, is having a special breakfast honoring the patriots of the American Revolutionary War. She somehow got volunteered to make 12 table toppers and 3 table runners. Although an amazing seamstress, quilting is not her thing. I was glad to help! We recently got together for about 3 hours. So glad she was all about keeping it simple, simple, simple.  I cut, she sewed.



As you can see, these table toppers are very simple. I did need to do a few after she left because I just didn’t want to leave it to another day. The runners are simple too.


We’ll get together again in a few weeks to add batting and backing. It’s been decided to do them envelope style and not do bindings. Oh…I like that idea very much! These should look very patriotic when set out at the tables. The best part? Working with a friend and catching up!


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Great Outdoors Blog Hop & Giveaways!!

An Island Batik Adventure

Great Outdoors Blog Hop

Now it’s time for the Great Outdoors Blog Hop & Giveaways! All month long the Island Batik Ambassadors will show their creations using newly released Island Batik Fabrics. Most will be doing a giveaway and Island Batik is also doing a giveaway! You can enter through the raffle copter at the end of this post.

And here’s the schedule. Enjoy all the amazing quilts. I am so proud to be a part of such a talented group of quilters and thrilled to use such high quality beautiful fabrics.

Monday, August 6 – All A FlutterYellow Cat Quilt Designs, Creative Blonde
Tuesday, August 7 – Birds N’ BeesArk Angel Creations, Patterns By Jen
Wednesday, August 8 – Canterbury Manor Sally Manke, Powered By Quilting
Thursday, August 9 – Eclectic GardenDesert Bloom Quilting, Sew Karen-ly Created
Friday, August 10 – Vintage MorrisMooseStash Quilting, Devoted Quilter
Monday, August 13 – SafariSew Incredibly Crazy, SweetGrass Designs
Tuesday, August 14 – Spring BlossomsMary Mack Made Mine, If These Threads Could Talk
Wednesday, August 15 – Victoria and Albert Bejeweled Quilts, Clever Chameleon
Thursday, August 16 – Wild ThingsFreemotion By The River, Kauffman Designs
Friday, August 17 – Petting ZooDen Syende Himmel, Sarah Goer Quilts
Monday, August 20 – Ocean OdysseyGateway Quilts, The Quilt Rambler
Tuesday, August 21 – British RoseBusy Hands Quilts, Mania for Quilts
Wednesday, August 22 – Dear WilliamThe Inquiring Quilter, MMM Quilts, Living Water Quilter
Thursday, August 23 – Dragonfly DreamsInchworm Fabrics, BeaQuilter
Friday, August 24 – Fur-ocious FriendsQuilting Affection Designs, Dizzy Quilter
Monday, August 27 – Globetrotter Pamela Quilts, Curliecue Creations
Tuesday, August 28 – Jungle CruiseVicki’s Crafts and Quilting, Little Bunny Quilts
Wednesday, August 29 – LavendulaCarole Lyles Shaw, Masterpiece Quilting
Thursday, August 30 – London CallingQuilt in a Not-Shell, Lizard Creek Quilting
Friday, August 31 – Spirit Rhythm Steph Jacobson, Whispers of Yore
Monday, September 3 – Sweet Tweets Kathleen McMusing, Adventurous Applique and Quilting
Tuesday, September 4 – Whatnot – heARTS Creations, Me!;   Slice of Pi Quilts

Enter the Island Batik give-away ( HERE.


On to August Sewing

A LOT of sewing was done in July, but I can’t show most of it. Island Batik gives us a schedule for the year with monthly projects. I am now working on December and January! I have a lot going on in the coming months and really wanted to work ahead. Somehow the motivation and ideas hit so off I went!


I can show this Hospice quilt that I completed. Waiting for two from long arm volunteers that I will bind as soon as they show up on my doorstep.  I asked for them to be to me by September, so there’s still time. There are ten completed Hospice quilts all piled up waiting to be donated in November. There are four for me to quilt – by November?? Please note: a reader recently contacted me asking if I accept quilt tops for Hospice. YES!! I accept completed quilts, quilt tops (flimsies), and blocks. We have plenty of fabric so I am not accepting any at this time. Our group might donate about 25 to 30 this year, but the local Hospice has over 300 patients, so the more quilts – the better!


And here’s my July progress report:

July PP Listing


Sewing Machine Pin Cushion


Here’s a quick and fun little project – and it’s very handy! I wrote this pattern and prepared little kits for a quilt retreat as a make and take for each person attending. I find this very handy on my Passport sewing machine which is the one I travel with. Hope you enjoy it and I would love to know if you made one!

Materials:  Strip fabric 2 1/2″ wide x size needed. (Decide where on the vertical portion of your sewing machine you want your pincushion and measure around, add 2 1/2″.)

Batting: cut rectangle 4 1/2″ x 4″ ; Velcro – 2 one inch squares; Tacky Glue or “Okay to Wash It” glue

IMG_1469 (Large)

Press under 1/4″ on one lengthwise side. Press under 1/4″ on each short end.

Batting: Starting at a short end, fold batting over 1 inch, then continue to end. Secure with a little glue. Place batting on center of strip.


Fold over raw edge of fabric, then finished edge. Glue the length in place. Stitch beside both sides of batting, as close to batting as possible.

Stitch short ends closed. Place around sewing machine and mark where Velcro should be placed. Sew Velcro in place.

Attach to your machine, fill with pins and enjoy!



A Mess of Scraps!

There are so many “scrap saver systems” I have read about.  Mine is pretty simple.  I have six bins – five are sorted by color (red & orange; brown; black & white; yellow and green; blue; Kaffe fabrics.)

My batiks are all in one of the big bins in my tower of bins.


I have never been very good about filing papers, and the same has been true of my fabric scraps! I have been putting my scraps in an open bin and then later I “file” them.  The bin was overflowing so I decided to go ahead and file all the scraps and eliminate the bin – hope this works for me!

I really like the scrap bins I have and how they fit on my shelves. They are quite full though, so I am planning another scrap quilt.  I have done quite a few scrap quilts and enjoy them enough that another will be fun.  This time I’m going to cut a bunch of the longer scraps into one and one-half inch strips. I have a pro cutting machine so the task won’t be too difficult.  What I really, really dislike is pressing all those small pieces of fabrics.  Wish I knew a young person who would like to earn some extra $$ by pressing the scraps for me. There was a young gal we hired some years ago who was an excellent worker but she is now all grown and making the big bucks!


I even lettered a tee shirt that pretty much says it all!




Secondary Patterns

An Island Batik Adventure

July Ambassador assignment – a secondary pattern. I found myself scouring patterns to find a secondary pattern I wanted to try. Then I found one that started out as a nine patch – really?  You can’t even see the nine patch anymore! This was the original nine patch pieced with Aurifil thread:


This is how the nine patch was then cut:

9 patch cut diagram

I got the block pattern from Beyond Sock Monkeys. She used the blocks she created for two different quilts.  I decided to combine the two blocks and used one for the border. And I love the border! Can you see the secondary patterns?  A four patch, a cross?


Honestly, it took me a while to embrace this quilt. What really helped was when my daughter visited, saw the quilt on the design board and declared “I love that quilt!” Now that it’s done, it is hers – Yeah!


I had several blocks leftover, as the only way the border was going to work was if the quilt was square. So, I took some of the leftovers and made a table runner. Now, the table runner I really like and am using it.  I’m also pleased with the quilting motif I used on the larger quilt.


Secondary-Pattern-Graphic (Large)Now on to our August challenge, Blog Hop and Giveaways! Thank you Island Batik for this opportunity of fun and sharing!

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Box Two Reveal and a Winner!

An Island Batik Adventure

Woo Hoo! Box two has arrived.  I made room in one of my batik bins for the arrival of the Island Batik shipment. Uh Oh…didn’t make enough room! Here is the box:


This is one BIG box!!

Lots of beauties and much needed blue for my October project. not one, but two packs of ten inch squares!  Batting, especially of such quality and large size, is a huge bonus – thank you Hobbs! Never do I tire of getting more thread – thank you Aurifil! Surprise – yes, I peeked inside, but you’ll need to wait ’til later this year for the reveal and the fall release of this collection.







Yardage is always appreciated along with all the coordinating fabrics.

And here it all is in its glory. Of course I made room for it all – there’s always room for more fabric!


And the Winner of my Island Batik scrap bundle is…..(our main computer crashed tonight – I was going to show the random generator, but no can do)

Dee Dee M!

Thank you all for all the fun comments and joining in on this giveaway.  Look for a month of giveaways by all the Island Batik Ambassadors in August!